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June 2016



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Jun. 18th, 2016

husbands dream

My husband dreamed of Area 51 and knew the whole film when we went to watch it at the cinema. Last night, he dreamt of a movie with popular actors about a heist, the IRS, 3 guys, DC and one of the guys that orchestrated the whole thing got off scott free.... wonder if that one will come out in theaters.

Dad Dream

I had a weird dream last night. I was my dad! I was my dad and I was sitting beside my mom (his wife before she died ) with one of my legs propped up on one of hers. Lol Another couch was adjacent to ours. There was an elderly couple sitting on the other couch. They had clipboards with blank paper on them and was writing on them. They told me (my dad) and mom that they want us to write about something we talked to our father about too and they were referring to God the father. The elderly man had a sentence on his paper and one of the words were God. Then underneath that he had a drawing of a vintage handset (phone). I (dad) wanted to add something to the drawing so I (dad) did. Then I saw I made a mistake and erased it. Dream over. I have NEVER been somebody else in my dreams!!

Cancer Dream

just woke up from a nap. Had the craziest dream in a while. I dreamt about Cancer.. but it was not what I would expect. There was a group of men and a woman in a picture... a voice said that those people were the ruling class.. behind it were labels like a chart or graph. The words said 4 out of ? will get cancer in this person's bloodline. There was a statistic behind each person in the picture and in the dream I heard, "Because they are their enemies." Like I said, craziest dream yet! I happen to believe we all have cancer cells and can get it and won't be able to fight it off without proper nutrition and I believe chemo kills because it weakens your immune system, but this dream insinuated that cancer was something that was given to us, directly from a group of people, to get rid of us.

God, can I play with the stars?

You wanna another "don't sleep in" dream I just had? I asked God if we could play with the stars and they started dropping and we "me and other people" starting running around catching them. First, they spun fast in a circle and then they started falling randomly. Not all of them, just some. He did it twice when I asked... weird thing to ask for! They were hot but still didn't burn our hands. Now, that's a wild one! These dreams are always in the mornings. I know...

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The Majestic Dream

I had the strangest but coolest dream this morning. Something big and white was flying high above me in the sky. I saw white wings and a blur. I thought at first it was an angel. Once it got closer it was an Eagle. A HUGE completely white bald eagle with a yellow beak with black or blue eyes. It hovered above me in the sky and looked me in the eyes. I was amazed but at the same time, a little intimidated. It was a beautiful bird! I've never dreamt of birds or eagles in my life.. Weird.

Bear Dream AGAIN

Another bear dream, again, in Misty Terrace where I grew up. My sister and her family were with us. Everyone was made to run next door to grandmas house and I stayed. I was holding the back door shut (not really) and a big black bear was trying to kill me! LOL The door just peeled off like a sticker..the place was definitely a trailer, a really crappy one. I saw the bears head in the woods near us right when it got dark. I was trying to close the back door cuz the bear growled really loud and looked at our place. It started towards us but it was so fast I didn't get to lock the door. The door was too weak, anyway. I woke up holding the door to keep the bear off of me. Scary!! Glad I don't live in a trailer right now. Lol

Catholic Salvation Dream

I had a weird dream last night. In the dream I was a Catholic. I was working for my salvation by stacking black rectangular crates full of white eggs. I wanted to stop but If I did I would not be a "good Catholic??" Weird, right??

Witchy Dreams

Every night for three nights straight, I've dreamt of three witches. Weird, huh? They are usually kid witches who's eyes turn black and no I don't read or watch movies or shows like that crap. My dreams are more interesting than my reality. Lol

February 7, 2014

I had a strange dream this morning. This one is more like a terrorist attack kind of dream.

Dream: I was in a foreign family.. not American. I had a little brother and held his hand throughout the whole dream. The man who I think was our older brother or father had all of us ( the mother, me, the little brother and him) to go outside onto a grassy hill. It was night time. Below the hill was a neighborhood... town houses or regular houses in rows, close together. He wanted us to watch him blow a house up. He never told us how many bombs or houses he was planning to do this to but we thought just one. Well, he detonates it and there was a loud boom. Then like dominoes, all the houses down there started to collapse one after another and we could hear wailing people all the way on the hill where we were standing. We didn't think he was going to kill people when he did what he did but I could tell in the dream he was one of those guys that you can't say no to and he was going to do whatever he wanted. There was no questioning him. We were afraid of him. He got a thrill by watching the houses fall. All of the family except him went back off the hill and walked home, distraught because of what had just happened.

End of dream.

SSssnake! April 7, 2014

Okay... dream telling time.. you guys are probably getting tired of these by now but at least I have something interesting to say on here. My dream upon slumbering on my bed yesterday morning:

Russell, the kids and I were all in the living room trying to avoid a green snake that seemed to never put its tongue back in it's mouth. It was trying to bite us. We wanted to kill it but it was too fast and dangerous so we settled for avoiding it. We heard rumors that it was the end o
f the world but we weren't sure if we should take it seriously because that's been said for centuries. Well, I looked over and the window had gotten darker and I could see through the curtain that something was rolling up behind it. It didn't seem right. So, I went to my room and looked out that window and the mountains in the distance were gone and all I saw was a tsunami of dirt. Tons of dirt was rolling towards the house and filling in up over the windows. I went back into the living room and held hands with the kids and Rus and prayed. They were wondering what was going on but I didn't say anything. I was praying to myself that if we were going to die that it be painless and quick. Then I was praying that it was just a dream and I woke up.

I was like, "Thank God that was just a dream!" It was depressing but definitely different than the many other strange end-of-world-scenario dreams that I have. Interpret all you want because I never try to interpret my dreams... it's not my thing.

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